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Nathan 8/2/2019

2004 Chrysler Town & Country Base 6 Cyl 3.30L


Lost only fob key and want to know my options

Mainly Want to know my options, to get a new key cut a locksmith wants over $300 and was hopeing there is another option. Maybe changing key tumbler I guess you would call it, where key goes in. The original key apparently is a fob? And if I change the tumbler can I go to a plain traditional key? Will it affect anything about starting the vehicle? I know the door locks and keyless entry won't work, but could that possibly be an option?

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Jimm 8/2/2019

There are several options; contact the local dealership with the VIN to have a new key made, Bring your title and ID to the local dealership they can cut you a key. But if it is chipped it will cost you. All they need is the vin # and proof of ownership.

You can also conact a local auto locksmith - that is for when you lost ALL keys and need a new transponder key for ignition.


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