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Ehodge2025 11/22/2010

1992 Toyota MR2 Base 4 Cyl 2.2L


Serious loss of power at high rpms

When I get on the gas in either first or second (haven't tried any others) it seems to gradually lose power in higher rps until around 6 (about 1500 before redline sometimes even earlier) it actually stops accelerating and rpms drop all while my foot stays on the gas. I might add that I see no aftermarket exhaust yet it definitely sounds like it when accelerating. Could an exhaust leak cause my problem? (i just bought this car manual 5speed no power options) please help !!!

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Check for exhaust back pressure. I suspect a failing catalytic converter. A partially plugged converter will create a restriction in the exhaust system. This, in turn, will cause an increase in exhaust backpressure that can strangle engine performance, particularly at highway speeds. The engine may start and idle normally, but lack high speed power. Fuel economy may also be down.


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