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morton ... 5/16/2013

1994 Ford Escort LX 4 Cyl 1.90L

Preventive Maintenance

losing fluid from drain hole under radiator.

I had my a/c coolent filled last july. And after that the check coolent light comes on i have had to refill my over flow resivor next to the radiator every time i drive the car with and with out the a/c and or fan on. After the car gets parked i notesd it comes from the bottom drain hole of radiator.I have replaced the thermistate which it needed.IT does have over one hundred thousend miles on it.It still is a great runing car verry well maintained. Please help me if you can iam running out of ideas.Thank you so much.Yours truly Walt.

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CVO 5/16/2013

The radiator petcock valve seal is damaged. Check with the local auto parts stores for a petcock valve seal or a petcock valve replacement.
See this http://www.autopartswarehouse.com/.../...ator_petcock.html


frankiedonnn 5/17/2013

Either it is not tight enough or the threads are crossed.They are often made of plastic and damaged easily.I would say try to give it a fraction more turn and if no good remove it when the engine is cold and have a closer look If the threads are crossed it might be possible to replace it or apply some kind of sealant on the threads.


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