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Jryan 11/4/2018

2012 Dodge Ram 2500 ST 8 Cyl 5.70L

Body & Interior

Lose all power to electrical system when I dim my headlights

This happens intermittently. While driving at night I dimmed my headlights and all my interior lights, radio, dash lights ,gauges, and headlights turn off for a few seconds then come back on. The truck stays running. What would cause this?

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Jimm 11/5/2018

There are several possibilities; loose or corroded battery cable connection - be sure the check both ends of each; the positive and negative (ground) cable; loose wiring harness connection(s) under the instrument panel, or under the hood; faulty fuse or breaker connection; faulty body control module or it's associated wiring.

With an unknown cause - check the simple and basic items listed - as given above in that order.


Jryan 11/5/2018

Ok, I will check that stuff out. Thanks

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