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Fabian Lazaro

Fabian ... 5/12/2017

2003 Toyota Echo Base 4 Cyl 1.50L


Loose hose underneath battery.

My car has a check engine light. It was diagnosed as a problem with the evap system. This problem apparently has several solutions, among them being a bad fuel cap, hose coming off after an oil/air filter change, or loose/cracked hoses at the evap canister under the car.
I popped open the hood and looked behind the air filter and battery. I found a loose hose located under the battery platform. After several hours and removing the battery, I was unable to find the place where the hose connects to.
Anyone mind taking a look at the picture and telling me where it's supposed to go? Also would this hose be the reason the check engine light is on? Thanks!
Loose hose leads to the hose right next to it. It was looped like that when I found it.

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