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Ed 1/10/2020

2004 Chevrolet Impala Base 6 Cyl 3.40L


Can I use longer head bolts

I got a head gasket kit with head bolts the longer bolts are same length as the original however the short bolts are a eighth of an in longer than original will they still work

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Jimm 1/11/2020

Do not take chances with using the slightly longer cylinder head bolts - due to risk of incorrect clamp load. If the longer head bolts are installed the extra length may not allow the bolt to fully seat, or enlongate when the torque specification is reached.
This may cause the head gasket to deform or rupture during engine operation. The correct length bolts are: 65 mm and 60 mm in length.

To be safe - purchase the correct cylinder head bolts kit; Fel-Pro #ES 72892, Mahle #GS33377, EngineTech #HB167 - or their equivalent.

Try these on-line auto parts sources; www.autopartsanything.com; www.partsgeek.com; www.rockauto.com - to list a few.

In fact they (RockAuto) list the cylinder head bolts kit from around $13.00 for your vehicle.


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