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Mike Ambrose
Mike ... 11/2/2011
2006 Ford LCF C450 6 Cyl 4.5L - Engine
long cranking period when cold and when starts sounds like its running on two cylinders for about twenty minutes
runs fine after short drive. no warning lights on. has 30,000 miles. been doing this for a few days now.smokes until warm
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  • TechSam
    TechSam 11/2/2011
    You have a fuel leak down problem in your vehicle, it could be Fuel pressure regulator, Injector/s or the O2 sensor problem. If you smell gas on the dip stick I would suggest to check which injector is not pulsating and replace that one first.
    Mike Ambrose 11/7/2011
    This is a diesel engine.

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