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Faz Omidvaran

Faz ... 6/23/2010

1993 BMW 318i Base 4 Cyl 1.8L


Location of heat sensor for A/C clutch, 1993 BMW 318I

My A/C clutch on my 1993 BMW 318I keep melting due to heat. I have replace it twice. It burns shortly due to high heat. Need help!!!

1 Answer

Bob R.

Bob R. 7/7/2010

There's no heat sensor for the A/C clutch itself. It sounds like you may have a bad compressor that is overloading the clutch. See if you can turn the compressor by hand - not the clutch, which should turn easily without the belt on - but the A/C compressor itself. It should turn with moderate effort.
Another clue to a bad compressor would be a belt that is badly glazed, or the engine spead decreasing considerable just as the A/C clutch engages.


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