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mjsamson45 12/31/2012

1999 Lincoln Continental Base 8 Cyl 4.6L


My Lincoln won't start and I have done work and got some codes but cant figure out what they are?

I replaced the oil filter, spark plug coil, mass air flow sensor. When trying to turn over it seems like it wants to start but won't. After this I checked the fuel pressure and it was good. Replaced the plugs and coils and the spark was yellow and stead of blue, will fire but not start. My next guess is crank shaft sensor is this right?
Here are the codes I got from the car: PO455 PO174 PO171 PO304 PO308 PO113 PO302

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Bill 12/31/2012

OK, after sifting through all the many things it could be, and as a substantial item which could cause overpowering Misfires, and from the data you provided. My best guess scenario is a Gross vacuum leak. This can cause all the codes you see popping up. Check all hoses for any leaks and if questionable replace. Good Luck and Happy New Year


Bill 12/31/2012

304=cyl 4 misfire,302=cyl 2 misfire,308=cyl 8 misfire,113 is multiple misfire,455 is a major vacuum leak

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