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B-Big 8/5/2012

1997 Plymouth Voyager Base 6 Cyl 3.0L

Body & Interior

why does the lights on my rear window wiper,washer,defrost,ventilation and a/c buttons flash on and off ?

once or twice they stop flashing after a while. Everything works. How doI get It to stop flashing?

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HouseCallAuto 8/5/2012

You have to have the climate control system pass a self-test which is referred to as a cool down test.
Run the calibration and cool down test:

1. Turn the fan on high.

2. Set mode to panel.

3. Set the temperature to cold.

4. With the engine running, simultaneously hold down the rear wiper and rear wash buttons for 5 seconds or until all the lights come on solid.

5. Release the buttons and the calibration/cool down test will run for 1 to 3 minutes.

6. When finished, only the rear wiper should be flashing. If so, tap it once and the recalibration is done.

This problem is a normal occurrence after the battery has been disconnected or gone dead.

Add'l note: if you cannot get it to pass the test and return the led lights to normal function, understand that the ac system has to be able to function and make cold air. if your ac does not work or does not work well it will not pass the cooldown calibration.


B-Big 8/5/2012

Thank you very much.

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