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Rose 12/13/2016

2005 Volkswagen Jetta GL 4 Cyl 1.80L

Preventive Maintenance

What does this light mean?

A light came on on that is a triangle w/ an "!" in the middle, and an arrow going around it. It stays on when car is on, and while driving.
There is also a humming noise. Could you tell me what this might mean?

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Jimm 12/13/2016

Reference the vehicle owners manual for the specific description of the warning signal displayed. If the light you are seeing is yellow/orange in color, and flashes intermittently when you're driving, that is the Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) indicator.

Also called Anti-Slip Regulation (ASR):
Anti-Slip Regulation improves driving and steering characteristics by preventing the front wheels from spinning under acceleration. When a difference in driving wheel speed is detected, the system automatically reduces engine torque. Electronic Differential Lock uses the ABS sensors to determine if one wheel is spinning faster than the other.

ASR / DSC is always turned on, by default, unless you turn it off. The indicator light will flash whenever the DSC system detects any loss of traction or stability (oversteer/understeer), when your vehicle is in motion.

No way to even begin to guess about the noise - without a more detailed description. When does it occur? When accelerating? When braking or turning?
Does the sound change with vehicle or engine speed?


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