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Jeff 5/29/2020

2013 Toyota Sienna SE 6 Cyl 3.50L

Body & Interior

Left Blinker Lights Stay On Solid

I have a strange issue. My left turn signal stays on solid green inside the van, meaning the green arrow on the dash that points left for the blinker stays on solid all of the time. The orange turn signal lights on the outside front and rear do work, but they also stay on solid constantly. They do blink when I signal left, but they don't turn off.
I did have Uhaul install an after market trailer hitch light, which is connected to the battery, and then runs under the van to the trailer hitch in the rear. Not sure if that would be interfering with anything.
From the little I have found online, it also could be a bad turn signal relay, but not sure.
Anyone else have this same issue? Thank you!

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Spencer Automotive

Spencer Automotive 9/14/2020

Typically when I see a blinker that stays on solid like this it has to do with the "flasher" unit. Some are mechanical and some are more like a relay with some integrated parts. On your vehicle it is the more costly kind. But, since you've stated that U Haul just did some work I'd recommend starting there and asking them to double check their work- ESPECIALLY if the solid blinker issue began at the same time they did their work.

If not then it may be the most cost effective thing to just try buying a new flasher and plugging it in.

I do recommend a dealer / OE part on this as they are a little bit complicated internally but you can try an aftrermarket one from the parts house and "take it with a grain of salt" if it doesn't fix it.

Here is a video on a much older Sienna for comparison's sake, not sure if it will help you because I can't tell from my documentation if they are the same or not but worth a try.. :

Best wishes,


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