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IHateM ... 5/21/2019

2012 Chevrolet Cruze Eco 4 Cyl 1.40L


Leak from Front Crank Shaft Seal - Harmonic Pulley replacement

So let's start a few days ago. I had a small oil leak from a bad seal in the crank shaft. It was coined the "front crank shaft seal" by GM. The bolt holding that main harmonic pulley on was on there very tight, and took quite a bit of force to remove. Once that e18 was backed out, it was rather easy to pull on the pulley with my hands to get it off. I did take a quick pic of the way the hole on the pulley was facing, since the Haynes manual mentioned this might be important during reinstall.
Fast forward to today after a day or two of driving, I was disabled on the road with no oil. It all spewed out from the seal area again. Got towed, took the wheel off, bolt came off super easy this time, but the pulley was stuck so tight I had to use a slide hammer to tear it off, and there were even nicks on the inside of the pulleys metal shaft.
Did I install the pulley wrong? I ordered a new pulley and want to make sure I do it right this time. Is there anything special I am missing?

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