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HouseC ... 10/18/2010

2005 Land Rover Freelander SE 6 Cyl 2.50L


Need LandRover tech for this one - engine noise

Engine has noise which sounds like a rattle / sort of knock and may have a plastic on plastic sound, fairly loud and very heard to track the origin. Seems to be loudest if I place the tip of a screwdriver on the aluminum intake manifold of the front bank. Noise is there hot or cold. I understand there is a problem with upper plenum intake manifold runners making noise but this is quite loud but yet not so clear to say it is being caused by a piston or cam. Put the screwdriver on the block and the noise is not loudest. Only toward the upper part of the manifold. If I place the screwdriver on the plastic plenum the noise is there in some places but not in other places. Anyone mess with this before and were unsure what to condemn?

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chris 7/11/2011

sounds like its a hard one hey can you please help me on that buick its a 97 skylark you told me to check the injector pulse with a noid light and it has noe im supposed to have a reference a signal and a sensor ground but i have two grounds constant grounds red wire and black wire 3.1 sfi new cam sensor good crank sensors


CVO 1/9/2012

Maitre HCA. Pour des raisons bizarre, je ne pourrais plus acceder correctement dans le reseau AutoMD . Je vais vous faire mes adieux et merci pour tous de m'avoir aider.


CVO 12/20/2016

Maitre HCA,
Joyeux Noel et Bon Nouvel An 2017

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