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jose_p ... 9/9/2010

2003 Dodge Dakota SLT 6 Cyl 3.90L


Why is there a lack of power when I accelerate?

The engine runs good but when I am at a stop I press the gas pedal and it sounds like it is sucking air in. It is very slow and after about 8 seconds it picks up speed with my foot on the gas pedal all the way down. It occurs all the time when I am about to accelerate after a stop . Also, for example, I am going 60mph and I am going to pass someone there is no power to accelerate. It takes about 5 seconds to get the power I need to pass the vehicle. I noticed it about 6 months ago on and off but now it has been constant. There are no warning signs on my dash.
My car has about 72K and I have replaced cat. converter 2 weeks ago but I still have the problem I describes above.

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HouseCallAuto 9/9/2010

Check for stored fault codes even if the service light has not been on. I'll bet that there are codes or history codes that will tell a story. Verify that the battery cables are both clean and that the battery is not old or weak and if any question just replace the battery. This can affect the way Dodge trucks run and will always get skipped over by even the best mechanics. I learned to never assume that the cause cannot be the battery or cables on a Chrysler product.


twill16 9/11/2010

Could be the trans is slipping, or the torque converter failed


DARLINA 10/25/2010

what does it mean when you say the transmission is slipping? What is the transmission actually doing?

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