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jay tilley

jay tilley 4/12/2012

1999 Volkswagen Golf GL 4 Cyl 1.9L

Steering & Suspension

Knocking noise and car shaking when steering around slight left bends? Help!

Ive had this problem for a few months. And I've noticed my car doesn't drive directly straight anymore steers of the left. And when my car makes the knocking noise and shakes. Everything shakes gearstick, steering wheel and the whole car. I really need help? And i need to know what the problem is? And how much it will cost? Ps. My car is a 1.6 VW Golf SE Y reg.

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vwscott 7/8/2012

i'd have the tires checked, sounds like a busted belt. also the noise can be a tie rod end or ball joint. or a combination of the 2. if they have slop or play in them they are bad.


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