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Q-Man 5/5/2011
2002 Mercury Mountaineer Base 8 Cyl 4.6L - Engine
What kind of mileage (MPG) are you folks getting these days?
I am curious, what's your MPG (Mile per gallon) of gas are you getting these days? My 02' with 100K miles with perfect maintenance records, but I am getting something like 10 miles to a gallon in town and maybe 13 on the hwy. The engine idle, runs and drives great with plenty of power. The only left that I need to do is to replaced the O2 sensors (4), even though it has no CODES at the present time.
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  • DrkShdw983
    DrkShdw983 5/5/2011
    I have an 01 civic with an intake, sport flywheel, and underdrive crank pulley.. I get 36 - 38 mpg.. If you want to get better milage I highly recommend a short-ram performance intake. If you get more air into the engine it will be able to run leaner and use less fuel. you'll also get more power and more throttle response
    Q-Man 5/5/2011
    That might be true, but I can't find anything for an 02' Mercury Mountaineer w/4.6L engine. There are plenty of great stuff out there for the V6, but nothing for the V8...
  • safetybitz
    safetybitz 1/6/2013
    I know this is an old question, but my 4.6L 2003 Mountaineer got increased mpg when I replaced the lugged tires with a more highway efficient design tread. Original MPG was 13-16 mpg and I now get 16-19. AWD all the time causes a lot of the reduction but I didn't need the off-road capability from lugged tires.
  • jamiekielmiller
    jamiekielmiller 1/7/2013
    According to the Fuel Economy estimates, the 2010 Mountaineer averages around 16 mpg.

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