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cdeads8 2/12/2013

1999 Pontiac Grand Am SE 6 Cyl 3.4L

Body & Interior

why is key not working every time i try to turn on

also i have no dash lights, i purchased new key and the new one works better but still wont start everytime. it feels like it blocked

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HouseCallAuto 2/12/2013

Please clarify what you mean exactly, because saying your key is not working is not specific enough. Are you saying that the key sometimes does not turn (as though it is the wrong key) or do you mean the key turns but the engine does not start? I am taking what you said to mean that the key does not rotate at all sometimes. If this is the case then the fix would be to replace the ignition lock cylinder. Even though you made a new key, the problem is with the tumblers inside the lock cylinders itself. The new cylinder would have to be coded to match the old cylinder before you install it and then a simple programming procedure has to be done before the vehicle will recognize the new cylinder. If you will attempt to do this yourself with a repair manual next to you, let me know and I can provide the add'l details you will need to do so you can do this job without outside help from a mechanic. This job is not a simple slam dunk DIY type job and requires you follow a very specific procedure or when you finish the car will still not run and if you code the cylinder wrong the key will still not turn.


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