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Specialist 10/31/2011

2004 Dodge Sprinter 3500 Base 5 Cyl 2.7L


When the key is turned to crank, it won't make any attempt to start and then it flash "error" on the dash. Any suggestn?

It would eventually start, It didn't happen every day until today and now it won't start at all. We had previously taken it to our mechanic when it first happened about two weeks ago, who put it on computer but no problem showed. The vehicle has about 165,000 miles.

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Spoon Sports

Spoon Sports 11/4/2011

do you have a spare key ? does the fault still persist with the 2nd key , if so try disconnecting the battery and leave off for 10 mins , if fault persists it could be the transponder ring that is fitted around the ignition barrel that is faulty or the drive authorisation unit that is faulty (WSP) only MB star diagnosis equipment will be able to confirm this. some say the battery cable could be bad and just needs some cleaning and wiggling...


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