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Vladimir Arevshatyan

Vladim ... 4/16/2018

1994 BMW 525i Base 6 Cyl 2.50L

Steering & Suspension

The Key to incognition will not turn neither with the unlocked steering wheel

I've lately encounter horrible issue. I parked my car, locked my steering wheel in the forward direction of the wheels, turned the car off and left. Afterwards, as usual, I tried to jiggle the wheel around to find to which direciton it goes, found it goes a little to left, well I turned left and wanted to turn the key but key didn't turn....I thought it is ok but after trying that with different sequences more than a damned hour I end up trying hopelessly...I can't understand what the hell is wrong with this trash...key seems just fine, no damages no issues, neither damages could be found on the actual wheel but it just wont turn!

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