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Jeff Wrench

Jeff ... 1/7/2020

2006 Jeep Wrangler (TJ) X 6 Cyl 4.00L


Why is my jeep running rough at half throttle and up

My engine is a straight 6 cylinder. It didn't give me the option of this motor. When I take off and run it through the gears as long as I don't give it too much gas it runs fine. If I give it half throttle and up it spits pops and runs rough. I put in New plugs which helped but I need help

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Jimm 1/11/2020

When it bogs down, is it running rich? Need more input. Throwing any codes? Check all the electrical connections are solid for the ECU.

I know a bad MAP, clogged or dirty fuel filter, or faulty TPS will cause the system to bog down and run bad/rich.


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