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Sue 5/2/2021

2014 Jeep Cherokee Limited 6 Cyl 3.20L


My Jeep blew a gasket after a routine service; what can go wrong during a service that could have caused this?

Hi my Jeep went in for a routine maintenance service. Jeep Cherokee 3.2 limited 2014. 7 days later, it blew a gasket and they say that the engine has to be replaced. I think that it is not a coincidence that this happened directly after a service. What happened was that the overheat warning light came on. I stopped immediately. Steam was coming from the engine. When hood was opened there was no water in plastic cooler box. We put water in but it ran straight through. Empty in seconds. It was towed in to the same service repair center. They explained that there are 5 lock nuts and the one jumped loose while I was driving. Do you think that maybe something was neglected during the service like for instance a hose wasn't tightened properly or something and this could have caused the problem ?

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Jimm 5/7/2021

First question - what exactly is the 'routine maintenance service' that was performed? What repairs were planned, performed, approved and completed?

What was the repair center test and diagnosis / explanation for the overheating and leak?

"Five lock nuts and one jumped loose while driving" does not provide you with sufficient details. How did the test and diagnosis allow this conclusion? Where are the lock nuts located? Did you receive a written estimate for the recommended repairs?
Did the repair shop show you details - and also explain to you clearly and show you / demonstrate what was the exact cause, and the specific repairs are required?

Rather than offer a guess as to the exact cause, recommended that you return the vehicle to the same repair shop, and then also select another shop in your area - to provide a thorough diagnosis for you.

Be sure you receive a written estimate for the recommended repairs.


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