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klw23608 12/23/2012

2004 Jaguar X-Type Base 6 Cyl 2.5L


Hi my jag brake keep closeing up on me when the car is in motion. The brake get hot in starts to smoke rubber.

when brakes cool of they open back up again. I have good brake pressure but they will not open up when i take my feet off the padel. Help me

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profsnl_killer 12/23/2012

I had a problem like this on an older truck, several years ago. The rubber brake lines going from the frame to the caliper/drums had a corroded interior liner, which would collapse when the fluid tried to return to the lines after releasing the brake pedal. The more times you pressed the pedal, the more pressure that was built up inside the caliper. try loosening the bleed-off screw to see if it relieves any pressure and tighten it back up. Loss of a little brake fluid is not going to hurt the pocketbook to eliminate possibilities if it isn't the problem.


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