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SM 3/31/2011

1989 Toyota MR2 Super Charged 4 Cyl 1.6L

Body & Interior

Issues with interior lights, brakes, charge, bnd alignment

I have recently had this vehicle restored after 15 years non-operation. There is no check engine or warning lights, but seems to have the following issues:
1. Doesn't hold a charge in new battery. If don't turn on engine for 2 days, it will be dead. It does recharge if jumped.
2. Rear brake light illuminates on its own even when engine is off and no one is in the car.
3. Interior dash lights come on as normal when running lights are turned on, but go off when head lights are turned on. Unable to drive in the dark because of this. The clock light is not affected.
4. Interior cabin light does not work at all even with new fuses and light bulb.
5. Steering wheel shakes uncontrollably between 45-60 miles per hour. Below 45 and over 60 mph, it stops shaking. Could it be alignment or tires?

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Ray 3/31/2011

Sounds like the brake light switch is bad (above the brake pedal). The shaking is probably tire balance.


SM 4/1/2011


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