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Kat 3/16/2015

2008 Chrysler Town & Country Touring 6 Cyl 3.80L


Issues with the electronic modules.

We have 2008 Chrysler town and country, the dash warning lights, headlights, wipes, beeping have been going off intermittently. We took it to a dealer, and they kept wanting more time and money because they could not find the issue, they changed the drivers door module, which was not the issue, we can not get a hold of them to fix it. Today we went to start the vehicle and now the dash lights, beeping, wipers, headlights are staying on non-stop are not going off at all. There is no code showing either. We have read about others with Chryslers having the same issue. Any ideas?

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Jimm 3/16/2015

Common and well known issues with the body control module (BCM) on Chrysler TC minivans.

Try this website for more detail; www.carcomplaints.com/Chrysler/Town_Country/2008/electrical/intermittent_electrical_failure.shtml


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