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brando ... 8/13/2014

1992 Chevrolet Corvette Base 8 Cyl 5.70L


Not sure of the issue of a no start/crank

Replaced clutch master and slave cylinder a little awhile ago. The guide said there was some push rod connection under the dash, but I couldn't find it.
While I had to push the clutch to the floor to start it, it always cranked right over and shifted fine. Letting you know this just in case it has to do with the above.
Ok now to the present, went to the gas station yesterday no problems at all. Started fine at home and at the station. (It's always started real easy)
I go to head back to the gas station an now it won't crank at all. Had a friend help me push start it, started right up doing it that way.
Checked the cables, and at the very least, I'm getting power to everything else. Not sure how to check the solenoid as I don't have a tester.
I found the guide, here is the picture of the thing I couldn't find. Though I did end up finding it I think, but it doesn't have the pin like that ones does.

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Chevy doctor

Chevy doctor 8/13/2014

Sounds like you clutch start switch is bad. Hooks up to your clutch pedal..


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