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Jeremy Jordahl

Jeremy ... 4/14/2015

2000 Buick LeSabre Custom 6 Cyl 3.80L


Intermittent problem with car not cranking when hot outside.

When I try to start my car when it is hot outside it will not crank. I have to keep trying until the ignition engages. Sometimes I have to shake the car, close the door several times or pound on the steering wheel and then it will crank over. Had this issue last summer then it stopped happening all fall and winter. Now the problem is happening again.
When this condition happens, the windows will not work, radio quits. Brake Pedal makes a clicking sound. Heater controls still work. Power lock will not work.
Once started the condition will continue off and on at random. The car will remain running but some indicator lights on the dash will turn off some will turn on radio will turn off and on with the condition but the car continues to run.

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jdl 4/14/2015

Maybe an issue with ignition switch? As far as the starter circuit, if the starter motor won't crank, then check voltage circuit at the starter. Usually there are two voltage circuits at the starter, one is battery voltage, hot all the time, the other circuit goes hot with key in the crank position. Any testing at the starter, make sure tranny is in park or neutral and the parking brake is set.

I haven't looked at the wiring circuits for your other issues, but, some of those circuits may go hot with the key on, which would lead back to ignition switch. May have to check voltage to and from ignition switch when problem is ongoing.

Check your ground circuits, also.


Jeremy Jordahl 4/14/2015

What is odd is that it was happening last summer. Have not had a single problem since last summer until today again now that the outside temperature is going up. It will start with no problem in the morning. When I leave work in the afternoon it may have an issue and it may not. While driving down the road even if it starts ok and runs ok, the issue may happen.

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