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Steve G

Steve G 4/2/2010

2004 Toyota 4Runner Limited 6 Cyl 4.0L

Steering & Suspension

Intermittent loss of power steering

When I turn the steering wheel while parked or at very low speeds, the power steering seems to cut out. A local garage lubricated some joints in the steering mechanisms and that seemed to help a little but the problem is still there. They said there are some u-joints that tend to rust on the front end of Toyotas and can cause this issue. I thought it might be the PS pump or a belt but neither one seems to be in bad condition. Last thought is the PS rack but the rack isn't leeking fluid. It could be unsafe is someone else were to drive my 4runner and not be prepared to use both hands to turn the wheel when turning a corner or the like.

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jeepguyracing 4/4/2010

is the belt tight enough?It could be the pump or even the rack.


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