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Jim 10/2/2012

2000 BMW 323Ci Base 6 Cyl 2.5L


Intermittent crank . Engine will not turn over. Will turn over later and starts fine.

When there is a no crank situation , all panel lights come on as normal. Turn key to start position and you get nothing. Not even a click. As temp rises during day, the car will start fine. Has new battery. I can jump the solenoid wire to starter and it starts fine. (about a 10 gauge black) There is a black/yellow smaller wire also going to the solenoid which has 12v as long as key is on. When the car starts properly you read 12v on the black wire when in start position . I assume this voltage is activated by the switch to some type of control module. If you disconnect these 2 wires with the quick disconnect you receive no voltage on black wire in the start position. B-Y still has 12v. Again connect the disconnect, it starts fine. When it has the non start problem , the black wire has no voltage in any key position. Any thoughts?

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