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Phaedros 12/19/2016

2006 Volvo XC70 Ocean Race 5 Cyl 2.50L


Intermittent (twice in 2 mths) stall once and rough idle once after warm start with brief engine system service warning

Roughly two months ago the car stalled after a warm start - it had only been off for a few minutes but was able to start after 30 minutes. It was a cold day - first -10C of the year and a full tank of gas. I had an intermittent engine system service required warning which disappeared after a couple of days. My local mechanic (not a Volvo shop) read the codes and it indicated there could be a problem with the fuel pump but the problem did not reappear. This morning my wife had a near stall (rough start) after turning it off for a few minutes after approx. 15 minutes of driving - but no stall - and engine system service warning reappeared. Once again it was very cold (-25 Celcius) and a full tank of gas.
I'd rather not replace the fuel pump if it's not necessary and so am wondering, since it is so intermittent (only twice in 2 months), if it could be something else. Any thoughts would be welcome.

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CVO 12/19/2016

Since the engine happens intermittently, use this product BG 44K Fuel System Cleaner ( I applied on my 1991 Nissan maxima, the check engine never appeared for many years now and it passed the smog test ). Check Amazon.com
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