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suzy 11/4/2014

2007 Ford Five Hundred SEL 6 Cyl 3.00L

Body & Interior

Why do my interior lights come on while driving?

They come on while driving, using turn signals or switching from low/high beams. I use only the key in the ignition and no other weight (fob/other keys/etc). When the lights come on, I can push the key inward and the lights go off. As soon as I release the pressure from the key, the lights come back on. If I stop the car, turn off the ignition, remove and reinsert the key, the problem is usually temporarily solved. Most of my driving is in the dark so I am desperate for a permanent solution.

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KJ 11/15/2014

I have this same issue. I found that if I wiggle the key in the ignition the lights will turn off and on. I am working on my car today to try to figure out what the cause is for this symptom. I will let you know if I find anything. If anyone else has this problem and knows the fix it sure would be appreciated.


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