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e.ajoh ... 10/10/2013

1987 Honda Civic CRX Si 4 Cyl 1.50L


intake manifold leak

I had a guy replace the intake manifold gasket, there was like a gasket and a metal gasket came out with it, when I went to the store to buy a new one, they just gave me the gasket that it needed. the guy bailed out on me with the gaskets, anyways, there is a loud noise and a hole blowing out air next to the top left of the intake manifold, on the gasket I bought, it goes around that hole. but the intake manifold doesn't go on it, any ideas?

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wbrockstar 10/11/2013

Depends on how big the hole is.Could possibly be the pcv valve location hole.Its gotta be a part that he removed during the intake disassembly,that belongs there.


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