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Daisy 4/7/2010
2001 Nissan Altima GLE 1Cyl0.2L - Engine
I want to know what intake manifold gasket does in my car and if thats my issue.
I have taken my car to shop and we tried everything to figure out why car is idling rough and stalling out and shakes rough. We checked coil, wires, plugs, cap and etc... I thought maybe a vacuum hose or something but been reading that others having same issue and could be intake manifold gasket. I dumped lot of money in this car and really don't want to spend more than need be to fix it. This should been recalled and taken care of by Nissan but I need help/advice.

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  • Bobby
    Bobby 4/7/2010
    Your intake manifold directs air into the cylinders, and also allows coolant to pass from one side of the engine to the other. When an intake gasket leaks it can cause coolant to leak into one of the air ports thus coolant being pulled into the cylinder causing the vehicle to run rough. It could be the intake manifold gasket causing the problem, best way to find out is to pressure test the cooling system. If it looses pressure then check the cylinders by removing the spark plugs and seeing if a cylinder has gotten wet with coolant.

    There are other possiblities for the problem though like an engine control sensor issue like a MAF sensor or crank sensor.

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