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Candi 1/22/2013

2000 Mercedes Benz ML430 Base 8 Cyl 4.3L

Body & Interior

What is instrument panel and gauges not working?..All gauges dropped to 0...

I have a 2000 Mercedes Ml430...A few days ago I replaced battery..a day or so later all gauges dropped to zero and lights on instrument panel did not light..only the AIRBAG and SRS came up....teh car set idle for a few days....afterwards I discovered it was actually the alternator that needed to replaced.....o....I had fuse 9..the instrument cluster checked...it was not blown...mechaniz did test and it did not light up...he stated fire is not getting to fuse for some reason...dome lights work....it appears switch for back windows is not working...not sure if it's related...Car is driveable..Please Advise

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Candi 1/23/2013

After finding all instrument cluster panel fuses to be good....i discovered the Fuse for the Reset Switch wa missing Fuse 16 under the hood...Replaced and Cluster is working.


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