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Hap 5/23/2010

1994 Honda Prelude S 4 Cyl 2.20L

Body & Interior

Instrument cluster out

94 honda instrument cluster not lighting, fuel and temperature gauges. is blue LED lines in middle of console next to clock

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I would first re-check the fuse...I would replace the one you have in-line...why not?

Secondly, I would check the light switch on the dash. This massive switch has about 16 wires conneted to it. It operates the lighting system completely. Turn it back and forth a bunch of times and see if you get a flash of light. If that doesn't work...check the dimmer switch and see if it dims the center lights (the radio, heater, gear shifter, etc.) if they fade in and out, its not your dimmer. If that doesn't work, you need to remove the steering wheel, and slide back the instrument cluster. Without pulling the cluster all the way out, check for any loose connections...never pull connections out to check connections, always push in. If you don't get any reactions...grab a wire, preferably with an alligator clip at each end...take one end of the wire and ground it to the chassis. Take the other end and place it on each metal screw and see if that works. It could be as simple as a bad ground wire.

Bad ground wires seem to appear more often during cold winter months....the plastic and thin wires get brittle when they get cold.

I would think one of the above should solve the problem...or, maybe all of the bulbs burned out at the same time...not likely, but something to check.


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