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Doug 1/19/2011

2001 Ford F-150 XL 6 Cyl 4.20L

Body & Interior

need instruction on HowTo replace passenger-side mirror

Been waiting for your answer. how to replace passenger side mirror, manual/non-electric mirror? please help, my inspection is due!

1 Answer

Nissan Technical Advisor

Open the passenger door and use the socket set to remove any fasteners you may find in the door panel. They may be under trim covers. The trim covers can be removed using the pocket screwdriver. Be mindful not to scratch or nick the trim with the tip of the screwdriver. Slide the trim pin removal tool under the bottom, rear edge of the door panel. Pry out the trim pin and then carefully work your way across the bottom of the door until you have removed all the trim pins. Lift the door panel up and away from the door. If the vehicle is equipped with power locks and windows, disconnect the wiring harness from the lock and window switches before pulling the panel away from the door. You can unclip the harness connectors with the pocket screwdriver. Use the trim pin removal tool to pop the trim away from the part of the door opposite the mirror. Use the socket set to remove the nuts from the mirror mounting studs. If the mirror has power accessories, disconnect the wiring harness with the pocket screwdriver now. Move to the outside of the door and slide the mirror out of the door by pulling it away from the door. Install the new mirror in the opposite manner. Do not forget to reinstall the nuts and reconnect the wiring harness, if applicable. Reattach any trim and the door panel in the opposite manner in which it was removed. Do not forget to reconnect any wiring harnesses that were disconnected. Clean the mirror and door panel with the glass cleaner and rag.


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