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csgmail1 7/8/2013
1997 Mercury Mystique GS 4 Cyl 2.0L - Engine
Installed R134a as recommended on can. Compressor cycles on and back off every 3-4 seconds
A/C got warmer and warmer last year. Winter arrived, didn't worry about it. Summer came, got worried about it. Installed E-Z Chill R134a as instructed on can. Compressor just keeps kicking on and off. Burning up in Milwaukee...please help. Thanks
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  • Jimm
    Jimm 7/8/2013
    The a/c system may simply be low on refrigerant. Usually, the system cycles due to low refrigerant charge. Once the refrigerant is installed, then have the a/c system thoroughly checked for any leaks by a reputable repair shop.
  • wbrockstar
    wbrockstar 7/8/2013
    Yes Jimm has given great advice.Follow his instructions to the t.You are low on R134

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