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G.W. Strouse

G.W. ... 2/29/2012

1985 Mercedes Benz 380SL Base 8 Cyl 3.8L


installed new fuel pump&filter.Car starts runs fine foe 5minutes then stumbles shuts off. fuel pump starts whining like

out of gas. I think its the fuel pressure damper. Apperciate any information you think it may be. Thank You

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Make sure fuel filter is on correct . Did you have to replace all items, or just wanted too???? Pump whining tells me lots of work is being done. I think the fuel pump filter needs another look, and if you put something
in line to keep from dripping, make sure you did not leave a clamp off tool on fuel line. Fuel pump a factory replacement part, or from a third rate store????? I have changed lots of these, and look at filter
again, I know it looks like it goes on only one way, but look real hard once again. Mike


G.W. Strouse 3/1/2012

Ij was using the process of elimination. first replaced relay,then filter and then fuel pump. All this and no improvement. I;have just ordered a fuel pressure damper which I thought may be the real problem. The car sat for about a year and I drained out all the bad gas . Prior to that the car ran fine. I ordered the fuel pump from High Flow Performance on e bay w/lifetime warranty. I purchased the fuel filter thru Advance Auto Parts. I will re look as you suggest. Thank You Very much for the in

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