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Marty Beckman

Marty ... 1/1/2012

1991 Audi 200 Base 5 Cyl 2.20L


I just installed a new fuel pump in my 1991 Audi 200, but there is no voltave going to the pump.

The fuse is good, but no voltage at the fuse

1 Answer

Jay Giron

Jay Giron 1/2/2012

I had the same problem with my Audi. I had no voltage going to the fuel pump. I replaced the fuel pump, Crank sensor, fuel pump relay, cam sensor and checked the fuses. The fuel pump still didn't have power.
So the last thing I replaced was the ECM ( engine control module) the vehicles computer.
The car started by replacing the ECM.

So my best guess is you have a defective ECM.

Jay Giron

Marty Beckman 1/2/2012

Thank you. That is what I was thinking after looking at the wiring diagrams.

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