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agallantar 2/9/2013

2009 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 8 Cyl 5.7L

Body & Interior

Installation instructions for driver side tail light

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Jimm 2/9/2013

Remove the tail light lens with a Torx style screwdriver. The bolts are accessed from inside the cargo area of the Grand Cherokee, to the left and right of the open hatch door. Inside the housing, you will find a row of three bulbs lined up vertically. The top bulb is the Grand Cherokee's brake lamp, the middle one is the tail light and turn signal, and the bottom bulb is the reverse light. Grab the middle bulb and twist it counter-clockwise to remove it.
The tail light housing is then easily removed once the Torx-style screws are removed. After removing them you can gently pull the whole tail light assembly from the truck.


agallantar 2/9/2013

Jimm Thank you. There are black cover over the holes do you just pop them out? IS there a special torx screwdriver to buy?[

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