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Greg M. From Citrus Heights Ca.

Greg ... 4/9/2010

2003 Ford Ranger Edge 6 Cyl 3.0L


Im having trouble accelerating , to pass slower traffic.

My problem occurs when I apply the gas pedal downward to pass a slow moving vehicle, and suddenly The engine starts to have Hesitation to accelerating, almost wants to missfire and shut down, but when I release upward with the pedal it seems to catch up and run a little smoother, . But reappling the accelerator again , engine starts to missfire and perform strongly to shut down ,and possibly stall. I replaced the fuel pump a while back , but when that went out , the ranger didnt start at all. Can anyone help? Im frustratrated. .

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Bill Bowen

Bill Bowen 4/11/2010

Did you change the fuel filter, If so check your fuel shut off switch. Look in your manuel and It will tell you where it is.
If that doesn't work check for cracks in gas line and the seal between the fuel pump and gas tank. If they are not air tight then you could be getting air in your gas line.
Also check your gas cap, Good Luck.


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