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Marisa 9/1/2012
2002 Ford Escape XLT 6 Cyl 3.0L - Engine
I'm replacing oxygen sensor bank 1 sensor 2 code 0136 was told that's the rear downstream is that correct? Which one (se
Which sensor is it. There r 4 an I want (or make sure my boyfriend gets the correct one) where on the car is it located he is working on car now
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  • CVO
    CVO 9/1/2012
    Bank 1 is the side of the cylinders 1, 3, 5 and the sensor 2 is the down-stream sensor (located after catalytic converter).
    CVO 9/3/2012
    See this Fig. 3.0L engine Firing order: 1-4-2-5-3-6 Distributorless ignition

    Mr gearbox is right.
  • gearbox
    gearbox 9/3/2012
    cvo is wrong as ford numbers their cylinders in line , so it's the bank with 1,2,3 which is the back side of the motor and sensor two is one after the cat and will be a blue connector
    CVO 9/3/2012
    Sorry, i was wrong. I should look at the firing order before i answered. 1,2,3 is the back. Thank you.

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