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KellieT 3/21/2011

1994 Toyota Corolla DX 4 Cyl 1.8L

Body & Interior

I'm having problems with my driver's side door handle. It won't open the door.

My driver's side door handle is no longer working. I can't open the door from the inside. The metal rod that hooks into the door handle latch won't stay attached. It keeps slipping out. I've tried taping it in and that won't work. The door had been working fine up until the first time I drove it, which was a week ago. 3 more door handles in the car were broken when I bought it but all 3 are easily fixable. It's this driver's side door that has me stumped. What should I do to fix it.

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Team Associated

Team Associated 3/21/2011

You have to remove the interior door panel (All around the door just unscrew them) there is also one in the armrest and interior door handle i believe.

In my car i used a steel cord (93 Civic) worst case scenario, you have to replace the interior parts which are cheao


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