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lextrong 4/5/2010
2000 Honda Civic EX 4 Cyl 1.6L - Engine
im having a hard time to start up my engine
1 Answer
  • Chiekotz
    Chiekotz 6/29/2010
    If ther is no sound:

    •The battery is dead
    •The battery cable connections are bad
    •The starter solenoid is bad
    •The neutral safety switch is faulty

    If there is a clicking sound:

    •The starter is bad
    •The battery cable connections are loose
    •The battery is weak
    •The starter relay is bad

    If it is a spining sound:

    •The starter is worn
    •The battery is weak
    •The battery cables are bad
    •The engine oil is dirty

    If it is a high pitched grinding sound:

    •The starter pinion gear is worn or damaged
    •The flywheel ring gear is worn or damaged
    •The bolts holding the starter in place are loose or missing

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