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Toga5280 5/4/2011
1983 Jeep Wagoneer Brougham 8 Cyl 5.9L - Engine
What else besides ignition swith and ignition rod would cause the engine to start after key is in off position?
Have already changed ignition switch and have checked ignition rod. when battery is hooked up the engine will try to start with key in lock position.
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  • DrkShdw983
    DrkShdw983 5/4/2011
    Have you checked for damage on the ground wire to the starter motor? Perhaps it's grounded out so it tries to start as soon as there's power... Does anything else happen when it's plugged in? EG: does the radio come on, fans, etc like the key is turned?
    Toga5280 5/4/2011
    I honestly dont know if anything else comes on. i will have to try it. Thanks

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