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pete a campillo

pete a ... 11/28/2011

1997 Volkswagen Jetta GL 4 Cyl 2.00L

Preventive Maintenance

would it be the ignition switch that needs replacement?

Whenever i try to start up the car it seems to try but then dies time after time untill all of the sudden it starts then all is good till i stop and kill the motor then have to do the same thing as stated above and when i bought it a couple of weeks ago the seller told me that soon it would probably would need a new ignition switch

1 Answer

Jay Giron

Jay Giron 11/30/2011

1. It could be the dead battery cell that means a bad battery
2. Corroded battery terminals and cables
3. A bad starter or starter solenoid.
4. Bad ignition switch
5. last It wouldn't hurt to do a tune up to the car (Bosch wires, Bosch Platinum +4 spark plugs, fuel filter, air filter, synthetic oil and oil filter).


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