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Emily Dale

Emily Dale 8/23/2011

1993 Mazda Navajo LX 6 Cyl 4.0L


Ignition switch lever on steering column often turns completely around when I insert key and won't make contact .

mileage 280K, car checked by auto electric mechanics 2 yrs. ago for electrical shorts with no positive results. Fuses for radio, rear wiper & defroster, Heating & A/C system blower, and other non-essentials disconnected. Problem diminished. New battery installed, which is currently fully charged. This AM nothing happened when I tried to start with key. After cleaning battery terminals and re-tightening, along with jumpers, ignition made contact with starter once and then failed to do so thereafter. I believe it is a faulty ignition switch. Can't get to auto parts store to have code read, but engine and other light signals always come on before ignition and then disappear.

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