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Mike Harrington

Mike ... 11/15/2022

2000 Dodge Ram 3500 Van Base 8 Cyl 5.90L


Ignition to start causes click under hood, power goes out

Forgive me, but this is driving me [email protected]#$. I'm trying hard to be calm.
So my roomie bought this old RV on this chassis, and it has an aftermarket alarm made by gods-know-who, and she turned it on just messing with the (I assume valet) button after several decades of being off, apparently. She then drove it home.
It sat overnight and was dead as a doornail the next morning. I charged up the battery and entered the cab to multiple firings of the alarm. I *thought* I got it to disable, only to find it cutting out the power to the ENTIRE vehicle, or so I think/thought/imagined/hellifino now.
I tried everything to disable the alarm, pulling inline fuses etc, I get the alarm to come back on with a green light, and if I turn the key to start, the whole thing dies again. I DO hear a click under the hood when I turn the key, before the power gets cut.
If I turn the key to start and hold the valet button it seems to turn off the alarm, but still no joy on start.
Any help? Please??

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Jimm 11/15/2022

No real, accurate method via the internet to determine the exact cause of the alarm and related circuitry for the no-start condition.
An add-on alarm system and its components, plus wiring - must be diagnosed by an auto electrical shop. Locate one in your area using the 'Find-A-Shop' feature.


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