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ehmo 5/2/2011

1988 Mercedes Benz 260E Base 6 Cyl 2.6L

Body & Interior

Ignition lock cylinder

how to remove outer cover for the ignition key lock cylinder

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Spoon Sports

Spoon Sports 5/2/2011

Turn the key to position 1 and remove the key
Pry the cover sleeve from the lock cylinder with a small screwdriver
Using a bent paper clip, hook onto the cover sleeeve and remove the sleeve. Be sure that you do not remove the rosetter in the dash board also
Insert the paper clip between the rosette and the steering lock and push the lock pin. Remove the lock cylinder slightly with the key
Insert the paper clip into the locking hole and pull the lock cylinder completely out
INstallation is reverse of removal. Turn the lock cyl to pos 1 and insert it into the steering lock, make sure the lock engages. Push the cover sleeve into pos 1
Make sure the cylinder operaties properly

This is for the ignition switch (Just in case)

Remove the cover plate under the left side of the instrument panel
Remove the steering wheel and instrument cluster
Pry the cylinder rossete (trim ring) upwards t hen remove it
Insert the ignition key and turn to pos 1
Disconnect the plug at the rear of the ignition switch

NOTE: The plug can only be disconnected when they key is in position 1

Loosen the screws and then remove the steering column jacket (upper and lower halves)
Release the clamp on the jacket tube. Press in the lock pin in position 1 and then pull the steering lock out slightly from the jacket tube holder
Pull off the ignition key at the right bottom section slightly to the rear. Swivel the steering lock so that the lock cylinder clears its hole in the instrument panel
Unscrew the retaining screws and remove the ignition switch from the back of the steering lock

Installation is reverse of removal, Remember to reconnect the switch to the steering lock.


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