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jerry 4/24/2012

1987 Dodge Dakota LE 6 Cyl 3.90L


why does the ignition energize for a second and then shut off

my 87 dakota truck started ran for a few seconds then shut off. i changed the auto shut off relay,but no response the primary ignition energizes for a second then deenergizes. i jumped a wire to the primary ignition and had power to the fuel pump but no secondary ignition spark. maybe bad coil?

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jdl 4/24/2012

Any applicable trouble codes? Are you saying the starter motor will crank for a couple seconds, then nothing? Did you check for primary voltage at the ignition coil, engine cranking? What de-energizes? You can have an initial prime, no crank, only for a few seconds, after that if no rpm signal, you get nothing. I haven't looked at your wiring yet.


jdl 4/24/2012

Yeah, your coil could be faulty, but, that isn't where I would start. Just my opinion.


jerry 4/29/2012

my primary ignition and fuel pump are controlled thru the auto shut down relay. the relay power source is ok but the primary ignition at the coil will come on for a second when my helper turns the key on but then it quickly shuts down a second later. i have replaced the relay and the same thing happens. the primary ignition works and then shuts off after like 1 second.


jdl 4/30/2012

Engine cranking, if no rpm signal, the computer won't ground the asd relay.

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